The Pilates Pros

Our studio is the largest Pilates studio in Santa Clarita. 

Our "Equipment" room offers top of the line reformers, chairs, ladder barrels, trap table and more.  This room is dedicated to achieving your personal fitness goals with the help of our certified instructors.  We focus on you and your goals when you sign up for a Private, Duo or Trio class.

Our "Group" room is dedicated to larger group classes to give you the extra room to spread out and enjoy a mind-body workout.  We offer our amazing group Mat Classes, along with our high energy, fast paced, and one of a kind group class called Cardio Core!    

Whether you want to tone your body, strenghten your core, burn calories or rehabilitate an injury, we provide personalized instruction by expert instructors to acheive all your fitness goals. Isnt is time to "Re-Invent Yourself" and begin your journey to discover the new you!  free class

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The Pilates Pros Unlimited Monthy Membership-Santa Clarita,CA
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