Client Testimonials

Tami Smight - Valencia, CA

"Frustrated with my results working out on my own, I hired a personal trainer for 4 months at another gym.  For months later,  I gained weight due to building large muscle groups, hurt my knees due to deep squats and jumping, and my belly fat seemed to increase.  

One of my clients recommended I try Pilates at The Pilates Pros, because she was enjoying amazing results. Carrie sat with me and truly listened to what wasn't working in my workout regimen.  After assessing my desired results, Carrie recommended I take her Cardio class that very day.  Everyone in the class was so friendly and welcoming, I really enjoyed myself.  The best part was having Carrie training me throughout those first 2 Cardio classes, to show me the proper technique.  Carrie is a gifted teacher, and she truly cares that all her clients achieve their fitness results in a safe environment free of injury.

I was hooked after two classes, one year later, I weigh 10 pounds less and have changed my body shape.  I receive compliments from friends and family who saw my body shape become longer and leaner.  My confidence is boosted because of my improved self-image, and I actually feel taller and walk straighter.  When working out with my kids (ages 17-23), I have more stamina and strength than they do with many exercises.

If you are unhappy with your current physical fitness level, it is time you treat yourself to The Pilates Pros."